miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Cuestionario: Nicolas Mahler

3 cómics favoritos
I do not have any " 3 favorites" in any category, so I am just typing what comes to mind randomly.
It also mighte be completely different...
- old: Krazy Kat
- new: Shrimpy and Paul and friends, Marc Bell
- last good read: Market day, James Sturm

3 películas favoritas
- old: early Marx Brothers
- some Werner Herzog

3 libros favoritos
- most of Thomas Bernhard,
- some cheesy auto-biography (the Helmut Berger one is quite good)
- and John Waters is a better writer than film-maker.

3 discos favoritos
- Most of Tom Waits
- Pj harvey
- Captain Beefheart

3 platos de comida favoritos
1. nothing
2. to
3. expensive

3 webs favoritas

Personaje de ficción favorito
- Dios

Ciudad favorita (Real o de ficción)
- Todavía por descubrir

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