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miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Interview with Marcos Martin about The Private eye

Interview with Marcos Martín

How did the idea of The Private Eye came up?

This is just a Brian's idea. A concept that came up as an observation of the current affairs and the role of the social networks in the way we interact with each other.

Why only online? Are you leaving behind those without mobile devices? Will we see a paper version?
Online distribution is a combination of diferent issues, but the main reason is to be able to reach the maximum audience with the minimum cost for them, which is, to me, to go back to the roots of the comic books as pop media with large editions on affordable prices. Besides, I don't think we are leaving anyone behind... as long as you have a computer or an ipad or a smartphone. And yes, there won't be a paper version.

Is this written and drawn especially for tablets?
Initially, the format is optimised for the computer screen because I thought it would be more worldwide than tablets. Nevertheless, you can download it in all devices such as smartphones or tablets.

How much money are you expecting to get with this? Have you made your number public?
Enough to keep on working. I don't know the exact figures yet, we haven't talk this issue with Brian yet.

I believe you weren't online at all, not even in a blog. Does it probe that you can be an international comic maker without any online presence?
It seem like! :)

And talking about it, the subject of The Private Eye seems to be about the dangers of the social networks, the lack of privacy. Would you tell us why?
I'm afraid this is a question for brian. But anyway, I think this is a key issue in the current society and both Brian and myself are very interested in. It might be mainly because we are spectators more than actors in this whole thing. 

Traducción: Julian Ramirez

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